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U of L is home to perhaps the finest collection of percussion instruments in all of Canada - from authentic instruments from around the world to top-of-the–line concert equipment.

5 – Five octave marimbas: Yamaha, Marimba One and Coe
2 – 4 1/3 octave marimbas: Yamaha and Deagan (restored by Matt Coe)
2 – sets of 5 drum Yamaha 7000 Series and 6000 Series timpani
Vibraphones: Adams Artist Classic with height adjustment, two Musser M55
Xylophone: Adams Concert Series extended range 4 octave, rosewood with height adjustment, Yamaha 3.5 Octave
Glockenspiels: Yamaha extended range with dampening pedal, Deagan Symphonic, Yamaha Concert
Chimes: Yamaha Symphonic and Musser Symphonic
Cymbals and Gongs: too numerous to list!

Snare Drums: Yamaha Berlin Symphonic Series, Black Swamp Symphonic Field Drum and many more…
Concert Bass Drums: Yamaha 9000 Series 40 inch, Ludwig 32 inch
Concert Toms: Pearl Philharmonic 2 headed size 6" to 16"

3 x Yamaha Absolute 5 piece
Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums, 5 piece
Yamaha Recording Custom 5 piece
Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece
Pearl Bird's Eye Maple 5 piece

Over 20 piece Steel Band – Coyle Drums, Elli Mannette and Mazzini Gil pans
40 piece Samba Batteria – Remo, Meinl, Izzo, LP, Pearl
20 piece Polynesian Ensemble – Toeres by Etua Tahauri: Paha, Pahu Rima and Fa'atete by Jay Medeiros
20 piece Taiko Ensemble – drums from Hirosaki (Japan), Minnesota Taiko, Clarion Music (San Francisco)
African Drums – sets from:
Ghana – Ewe, Ashanti, Kpanlogo, Dagomba (Brekete and Donno), Djembes
Uganda – Ngoma drums and Amadinda xylophone

Further, we have a collection of world drumming instruments at Casa for teaching kids, teenagers and community including Steel pans, Taiko, Polynesian, African, Samba, etc.!! More information at: